Being in Shape Doesn’t Make You Special

“Imma Tell You Like My Momma Told Me”……

I see people wanting to represent the lifestyle of fitness, and most do it well. We can get a little self-consumed when it comes to training the body, so there has to be a balance. Even the good book says that “physical training has some value.” Key word is “some;” we need to have a measure of fitness and being active but just because you do doesn’t make you special! I saw this commercial of a man doing pull ups off a helicopter while it was flying in the air. I mean for what! And every workout has to be extreme or insane. People want to say, “look at me, look at what I can do,” and it just goes a little too far at times. So let’s reel it in a little, and recognize that being in shape, is just that, YOU ARE IN SHAPE. We don’t need to be praised or feel special because you value being fit, which is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But imma tell you like my momma told me, “You are just doing what are supposed to be doing.” My mother understood that life is about being responsible and doing the right thing as best and as much as possible. Many of times we want praise for doing the things that we should be doing anyway. As a black male, do I need to get an award for not going to jail? Of course not! I understood that this is a plight for black men, but this doesn’t merit an award. As my momma said, “You are just doing what are supposed to be doing.” So yes, we want to feel appreciated and have a pat on the back, but you will not get one for everything you do, especially for things you should be doing anyway.

I have learned and believe that we have four major aspects of life: emotional, spiritual, physical and financial. We all strive to better in each of these. When someone is more of a success in one these aspects than you, don’t think that have something more to offer than you. Don’t think that they are more special than you. The only thing they are doing is what they are supposed to be doing! And you should be doing that too! My job is to motivate you to do exactly that, to do what you are supposed to be doing. This is our job as a people. So no I’m not special because I’m in shape, I’m just in shape, and work hard for it. So to all the people doing the right thing in life, keep up the good work, but remember what my momma said, “You are just doing what you are supposed to be doing.”

Man she is a tough women, but nothing like, tough love. Thank you momma for keeping me humble and focused!

Thalas Steele