Fitness is not a Luxury

  • Fit (Fitness)- how well a person is suited for physical tasks
  • Luxury- Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort. 2. Something expensive or hard to obtain

As I have moved back to my hometown, I have noticed there are no sidewalks for runners or walkers or any bike lanes for bikers. Now from where I moved from, you could jog through neighborhoods, the downtown, even over the interstate and around the business areas, all because of sidewalks. No worries about a car hitting you or car drivers getting upset because you are in there way, which I say is just a little lack of patience, but hey we have all been there. So as I was talking to my sister about this, she says, “Thalas, you are right there should be more sidewalks, fitness should not be a luxury. If you view fitness as s luxury and not as s necessity, there is not need to build sidewalks or bike lanes and you end up having people being less likely to be healthy like we have now.” And from her comment, I write this blog. You are motivated by your surroundings. What happens when you wake up in the morning to go to work and you see people running, biking, walking their dog or baby in the stroller? YOU begin to think about running, walking, or biking. You began to get the itch to be active because of what you see in your surroundings. And then you say, “Well since I am being active, let me eat better as well”, so now the snow ball effect of being fit is happening. But who wants to walk or run in the street with their dog or child, and put your life at risk and not to mention those driving at risk because of something as simple as a sidewalk? Not me! A sidewalk is not a luxury and nor is being fit! We scoff at people for wanting to take care of their self and then we discourage ourselves and say we can’t do it. Well, it’s time to stop and view being fit as a necessity. You need to be active. Your body was built to be active, this is where we thrive as human beings. Yes even our race as a people is an action word, human “being” not human sitting! We have to be fit in order to get to and truly enjoy the other avenues of life. Being fit is an option we all have no matter our financial status, race, religion, or gender. So even if your surroundings only view fitness as a luxury, you know the truth. You are only as successful as you are active.  There is a statement in the bible that says, “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we shall die.” The problem is that we do not die tomorrow, we keep living. Think about it? What can you accomplish in the hospital or bed ridden because you have not taken the time out to view taking care of your body as a necessity. And yes all of this comes from, sidewalks people, sidewalks!

Thalas Steele