Group Classes

All fitness levels welcome! Contact us for questions and more info.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

5:40 am - Steel Strength

8:40 am - Steel Strength


6:00pm - Steel Strength


Group Class Pricing

  • $85 for one month unlimited group training

  • $160 for two months unlimited group training

  • Drop in for $15 per class

  • Membership fees are due by the 5th of each month


Individual Session Pricing

  • Consultation: $30.00

  • 30 minutes: $35.00

  • 45 minutes: $50.00

  • 60 minutes: $60.00


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Class Descriptions

C.W.O.D: Coach's Work Out of the Day, is your time to shine! Coach will provide a simple and yet effective workout just for you. No gimmicks, just work. And remember just because it is simple doesn't mean it is easy!

H.I.I.T: High intensity cardio and strength intervals with short recovery periods to improve your overall strength, coordination, and conditioning. If you are looking to get or stay lean and mean, this is it!

KH: Kettlehell is the nice way of saying kettlebell training. Focuses on functional training for overall body mobility. Amped up Coach's style! Crying and sweating is allowed!

RVK: High intensity cardio and strength intervals with Ropes, ViPERS and Kettlebells. Feel the burn!

V.F: This class is packed with everything, using the latest tool in the industry, the ViPR (VItality Performance Reconditioning)! Cardio, resistance training, functional movement, and of course core. Nothig fancy, just good ole' fashion work!