Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.
— Rikki ROgers

The Purpose of Training and What it Accomplishes

Train like an athlete! Athletes train in cycles, just like our life. We condition, perform, recover. Before an athletes season starts they condition. Conditioning can lasts for 3 months. Then we get ready for in season performance. A sport's season generally last 7 months because we are going to the Championship! Then we recovery for 2 months and enjoy the fruits of our labor. And man how the year has flown by! So what we do is choose your "season" when you need to be performing aka "looking and feeling your best."

Be sure to check out our "What to Expect Page" and print a waiver to sign and bring with you when you come.


January & February

Conditioning-CWOD Boot Camp Style - Anything and everything training. The goal is to work off the holiday weight and get your mind and body focused on the season ahead.

March & April

Functional Training-RVK Training - Time to get away from the weights and use your body in everday movements. Functional training is designed to keep you mobile and your muscles working fluidly. We are athletes, not machines! We need to be able to move, run, and bound whenever necessary.

May & June

H.I.I.T Track Style - It’s all about the track to work on speed intervals and running fundamentals. Hurdle workouts, hill sprints, 400m repeats, mile repeats, and the occasional long run. Track is all about getting and giving your best every time. Talk about a high calorie burn that last for 2 days!! Your hardwork culminates into a track meet at the end of June.


Group Strength In season - From your training in January till now you are ready to perform. Be it tennis, 5k, golf, marathons, basketball, hiking, whatever you do, you will be performing it at your best. Training will now focus on Olympic lifts and weight conditioning to keep your strength, so you feel stronger than ever during your activity of choice.


Playoffs and Championship - Now it’s time to finish strong and combine all workouts throughout the year each week. As in the playoffs you never know what your opponent will bring so have to be ready for everything and then you have won the championship!


Enjoy the fruits of your labor for you have worked hard. Enjoy your family and friends and eat dirty! Only rule is not to gain over 10lbs, so you still have to stay disciplined. Coach will be taking a break, so continue to stay active and use what you have learned. See you in January for the new season!