Desire+ Disgust= Change

Desire; strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen

Disgust; a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive

As most of you are aware, I am an Advocare Distributor. I absolutely love the company, maybe more than the products, and that’s saying something because their products are untouchable. Well anyway, as I was sitting at an Advocare conference, the speaker made the statement, “If your level of disgust and level of desire are not the same, then change will never happen.” And man, this touched me, because as a personal trainer you become a therapist, doctor, motivator, and the list can go on. So when a client opens up to you, you have to take their emotions and internalize them and figure out how you can reach them to motivate them to get over whatever obstacle is in front of them. And what the speaker said that night, says it all.

Think about it, most of us have the desire to change. We will start a Couch to 5k, a P90X or an Insanity workout, but most do not finish the program. Why? Because our level of disgust within ourselves does not match our desire. Now that can be taken harshly, but listen to the statement. Get past the words, and listen. I use myself as the example. I wanted to do a 5K and set a personal record. I had 3 weeks to train. I knew I was in shape but not at my peak running form, so I had to bust tail to meet my goal. My  first day on the track, I ran an 8:05 mile pace, far from the 6:30 pace I needed. I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe it! Now, my desire was there because I was out there running, but was I disgusted with myself? Yes I was! So now, here comes the change; I did 3 mile repeats 3 days a week, cut back on my evening wine and beer, loaded up on more kale and collards, and in 3 weeks I ran a 6:26 mile and ran my best 5K ever! I was so disgusted with that 8:05 mile that I refused for that to be my best. I was coaching everyone else to be there best and I was not at mine. I felt disappointment, shame, and shock. And you say Thalas, it was just a mile, but I told my sister my mile repeat times and she was like, “Wow, not you. You are supposed to be the running guru, an 8 minute mile, geesh.” And then she said, “But you can do it Tab.” She believed in me, and I was not going to let her down nor myself.

Now take this situation and apply to your life. Are you so repulsed with your job to change it? Are you so disgusted with your body to workout and achieve the body you want? Are you so offended by your finances to start a financial plan and pay off debt? Is your relationship or friendship with someone so revolting that you look for a better relationship or friendship? So what I have learned, is that we all have the desire to change, but very few are disgusted enough with their situation to make the change happen. Does your situation just piss you off and irritate the he*% out of you? Well, when it does, your level of disgust is now matched to the level of your desire and that’s change my friend.

“Change to be the person you need to be in order to inspire other people.”


Thalas Steele