Running Sucks! Or is it Just me?

Running for me is definitely a love-hate relationship. At times running does suck. I mean from 100m repeats to mile repeats, I have said in my own head, “What are you doing?!” Again running is a love-hate but I realized that running is the only sport that challenged me to be better at something continuously. So it’s not that I just love to run but I respect what running has done for my life. Running gave me an outlet to release my emotions and express myself from a dysfunctional home. Running allowed me to understand and love my dysfunctional home. Running allowed me to keep a job and move up the corporate ladder. Running allowed to me operate my own business. Running gives my wife time away from me, lord knows she needs that. Running brought me closer to my friends and family. Running allows me to mentor the youth. I have learned to respect running.What happens when a life event seems to prevent you from running. Pregnancy, a big family move, illness, or you just don’t have time anymore. All of that seems like good reasons to stop running but better yet they are reasons to continue running! So why would I stop doing something that has been so major to the success and sanity of my life? If I stop when times get difficult, then what will pull me through? Running is my edge to push through in life. I thank God for my legs everyday. I will be that 80 year old man still doing 5ks and showing people how to run. So please don’t be that person that says. “I’m not running unless something is chasing me.” Because that something called father time is chasing you now! And if you don’t start moving he will catch you before you know it.  It’s not always about doing something you like or love but rather respecting and appreciating the things you can do to be successful in life.

Thalas Steele