“About That Life” Praise Him!

  • About that life; Being in harmony and peace within yourself and your surroundings
  • Praise; express warm approval or admiration of

What does working out have to do with praising HIM? Yes the Lord! Well more than we may ever know. I always talk about making a healthy and active lifestyle bigger than looking good in a bikini or having a six pack. Although those aspects are very important ) they alone will not give anyone the motivation to continue the journey. Once you reach those physical goals, your journey ends and its back to the same ole’ lifestyle you had before. How do you keep from going back? How do you make the journey continuous? Here’s the reality, if the physical results are the main reason you are in the gym and eating kale, then you are not about that life!

We are spiritual beings as well. We were created with the desire to praise God. He made us with the desire, no different than a bird knows to travel to other end of the earth where’s it warm every winter. It’s instinctively put in is. It’s life. As I was sitting in Sunday service we discussed how God is magnificent in all of his creations from the hummingbird to the sun; and included in between there is one of His greatest creations, you, yes human beings. He has given us such a wonderful gift in our body. We can’t even begin to fully fathom how magnificent we are as scientists are just now tapping into our DNA. We don’t even think as our heart beats, our eyes see, and how our brain is constantly doing all of these things without us knowing. So the questions is- “How do you praise him with this wonderful gift of a body?” Well, when we are taking care of His creation by working out and eating right we are indirectly saying, “Thank you for my body, thank you for this gift. I appreciate what you have done for me Lord, and I want to take care of this gift.”

With that being understood you can now unlock the door to not back sliding in your journey ever again. This is very personal to me, so I’m going to share it with you.  When I workout, be it 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, no matter how long it is, it is my sacrifice of time to praise Him.  No different than any other sacrifice I make to God, the time I workout is my time of giving thanks to Him. That time is very serious and special to me. This is why I work out by myself most of the time. This journey never ends because I will always have to praise him! So the next time you do something active, take a moment to appreciate what God has given you. Don’t take for granted one moment the legs you have to run or the arms you have to bench press. Don’t be superficial, be spiritual. Not only will your workouts will be more enjoyable but you will officially be about that life!

Praise Jehovah!

“Eat Clean. Train Dirty”

Thalas Steele