15 Minute Workouts or Nah?

Are 15 minute workouts good to do? The answer is, yes and no. My sister loved my illustration so I will share it with you. Yes from the stand point that something is better than nothing. No from the stand point that your results will be limited if any at all. So here’s the illustration I like to use: If you are remodeling your kitchen and I mean a complete overhaul and your contractor says, “I will come by your house and work on your kitchen 15 minutes a day until the kitchen is done.” Now this a 160 hour job, that’s 40 hours a week for 4 weeks. At this pace he will be done with your kitchen in about 2 years! And hopefully he finds no other issues along the way. How long are you really going go out without your kitchen being completed? And are you really going to hire that contractor? My question to you is, “How long are you going to go without being as active as you need to be?” So before you buy that dvd on that infomercial, please remember the illustration above. Do you really want to hire that contractor?? Fifteen minutes is better than nothing but will leave you with about the same results as doing nothing. “Eat Clean. Train Dirty.”

Thalas Steele